Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Restaurant Review. New Section Reviewing Restaurants...

ZAB Thai.

or is it ZIB Thai, ZEB Thai? Anyway it's that Thai joint by a gas station up there in the Golden Zone.
We walked in loudly proclaiming that we were famous restaurant reviewers and give us the best seats in the house and free food as the last thing you want is a restaurant not to be paying for your meal. Or is it the other way round? Anyway we walked in sat at a table and ordered lots of food. The food came after a perfect amount of time, just as we were getting bored with each others small talk and company. My dinner guest was about to call me a miserable stupid bastard and I was about to place my hands around his neck when we saw the food there.

Here is some Thai food, not from BING Thai Mazatlán but somewhere else. In fact his food looks a bit like this in smaller plates and hopefully the chef takes his cigarette out his mouth sometimes.

There were lots of dishes mostly of a brown hue and some green things and red whatchamacallits. Some on sticks that we dipped in coloured stuff, some in ball form which we also dipped in gooey stuff, a bowl of white sticky stuff and some plates of what could be that meat from cows accompanied by rings of those things you put over your eyes when you are hungover. And a plate of something we presume comes from the sea.

We reluctantly paid and left after asking the valet boy who was sitting outside to fetch our car pronto. He in fact said he was the owner and said his name was Suki Yaki Ying Tong Tiddle I Po or something like that.

He said "do come back" and we said "we certainly will."

So go have some food at Bak Thai the food is great. But remember you have to fetch your own car.

(We went on to see a film about monkeys taking over the world and learning to talk and alluding to the fact that all humans are bastards. But more of that in our NEW movie Review Section coming up next.......................)

Our next food review is from Chow In Lai's Crap Shack just on the side of Highway 2313002, Zebo City, Shandong Province, China.


  1. I see, trying to fill Dakota's empty school desk, eh? It is very important when doing a restaurant review to get the name of the restaurant right and if that can't be done, a definitive street address,or crudely drawn map. Mr. Suki Yaki Ting Tong Tiddle told me later, that you left a lousy tip.

  2. you've left a gap in the market that is difficult to fill it seems. you gotta try though.


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