Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chihuahua Racing. Make Money On Your Lazy Pooch.

There are many novel ways to make your idle pooch earn its keep and help pay for all that food you place in front of it. Well here's one way and as Mazatlán is awash with these feisty little critters we have decided to open a Chihuahua race track next time we alight back in that fair city.

We think Chihuahua racing would be akin to cock fighting and bear baiting and assume the dog owning fraternity will be down on us like a proverbial ton of bricks, so we have decided to a hit and run racing circuit where we will carry rolled up grass, betting booths and all the paraphernalia pertaining to dog racing in the back of a van and set up in secret locations.

To earn big bucks with your diminutive dog keep your ears or it eyes open to this space where we will keep you informed of the locations one hour in advance. That will give you time to tell your partner you are taking Froo Froo, Boo boo, Amigo, Tinkerbell, Poco, Tiny, Tiddly or Totty for a stroll down the malecón.

Feel the high of participating in an illegal racket, put your pooch in your pocket and watch this space!!!!!!!!!!

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