Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mazatlán Photo Fest

The fresh face of Helarte Ice cream and Mazatlán
MazReal is fortunate to have on it's books a number of very famous documentary photographers who contribute to some of the world's most important picture libraries and work freelance with some of the world's largest corporate clients. (One or two them can be seen drunk to the right of the screen on our staff photo) Here we allowed one of them to work with Latin America's largest telecommunication company through an ad agency in San Francisco. Obviously we took a great percentage of the photographers fee which only goes to pay for our vodka and blinis and chauffeurs and dog-walkers and bum boys straight off the container boats fresh from the Philippines.


So here you see a good example of the creative talent we have in this fine city and I am not only talking about our expensive photographer. Here are actors, chefs, artists, entrepreneurs, mothers, sports persons, farmers, shopkeepers, surfers, musicians and other fine upstanding citizens.

Thanks to everyone who was part of this.

Photo Fest #2 will out soon.

Hector of Molika - Chef

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Editor's note: The writer added a piece about inducing people to be part of this with huge accounts of cash. That was untrue and we have sacked the writer for adding unnecessary colour to the article and kept the money for ourselves.

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Rocio -actor

Mariela - actor

photographer, actor, musician, artist

Jesús and Rocio

farmer and artist

Shop owners and artist

Nice shy ladies


Javier - actor/director

Rocio, Mariela and Teré actors and artists

A street football team







small businessman

general public

bookshop owner




Olas Altas

Rafael and a tree

Esquinapa flats from Highway 15 to Tepic - fisherman

Esquinapa flats from Highway 15 to Tepic

Outside El Roble


Abraham - artist

Mateo - funny kid

Hector chef and entrepreneur

Mateo and friend

Jesús, Rafael and Alwin

Rafael and Jesús

Rafael laffing in the face of the sun

Jorge and Grecia designers

Rumi and Rosana - businesswoman


El Roble - cheeky kids smashing the camera in the photographers face

El Roble



art installment

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