Friday, September 21, 2012

MazReal The Movie

MazReal Productions announce a new experimental short movie (temporarily titled MazReal The Movie) currently in pre-production soon to be filmed in an around Mazatlán this coming Mexican winter...................

Featuring Mariela Mexia, Javier Díaz Dalannais and Tere Chaides. Three of the most exciting actors working out of our city. Directed and written by Matt Mawson with collaboration by Dave Robb, Nan Robb in the art department and producer Carol Lewin

Check out the website and follow in all the excitement here: mazrealtwo

Editor: This blog has been given a 'family friendly' rating so responding to concerns from members of this fine community we have replaced the original image that has caused debate and added a cute pic which has nothing to do with the forthcoming short movie that draws on subjects of ancient Mesoamerican sacrifice and bloodletting and the history of violence in this fine country. So those people sensitive to exploding eyeballs and casual violence can be forewarned to stay away.

This image was in fact taken on our recent African safari to a dairy farm where those people sick of seeing big ferocious animals tearing each other apart red in tooth and claw on game reserves can go and see milk production and little calves with big eyes waiting to be fed. In fact our researcher gave the cute little critter his finger to suck and it bit it clean off.


  1. And now a great new theater in which to show it at El Recreo!

    Congrats, Matt. Maybe I will be here to see it. Really loving being back here for these 5 weeks. Guess because I haven't had 6 months of it, the heat is a big nothing.

  2. Exactly what I was thinking and what a great venue although there is still along way to go.

  3. Going to post a new photo soon? You know I love your photography, but this one gives me the creeps when I open your link. Cold sore, herpes, arrrggh. I KNOW it is chocolate, but....Can't help it; first thing to pop into my head.


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