Saturday, March 6, 2010

Can You Tan a Hide, Render Lard Then You Could Be A Prepper?

You are a Prepper if you are

  1. a person who grows and /or stores food, water, and other supplies in preparation for disasters of all types, i.e., economic collapse, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes etc..
  2. a patriot who is against Fascism, Communism, National Socialism, Globalism, and Totalitarianism, and believes that these types of governments lead to oppression and death of innocent people, thus the need to prepare for survival.
  3. a member of a Prepper Network

Everywhere else on the planet those sorts of people would be, well, people. But those in North America call themselves preppers. Basically US and Canadian citizens are feeling threatened and paranoid about terrorism (especially now – dirty bombs on American soil etc), natural disasters and the recession and off course a spate of Hollywood disaster movies. Suddenly people have been loosing their jobs and homes and society is no longer as stable as it should be and the government cannot be relied on to help them, so millions have become a prepper and learn how to survive if all should go belly up.

All you need to survive and keep a smile on your face

This is not a new social phenomenon. The Survivalist militiamen who are slightly more to the right of the Gengis Khan have been around a while but the preppers come from all backgrounds and ideologies and they have began preparing themselves for the apocalypse. So if you can build an open fire pit, make soap, make charcoal, tan a hide, render lard, use a washboard, control bugs or clone your children using kitchen utensils then you are well on the way to becoming the perfect prepper and if you want to know how a lightning strike will affect a prepper, there are hundreds of websites to peruse. However judging by the way many tourists off the boat hold their noses when walking passed the Mazatlán market butchers, I would say many are not equipt just yet to render lard and be a prepper.

“Our ancestors were preppers, so were the Native Americans. It is just going back to look after yourself.” Says John Milandred from who is worried about the collapse of society.

Get your kids and neighbors to help construct outside toilets.

To us jaded cynics at MazReal , we are slightly worried about this new social movement because it smacks of selfish individualism. We ask the question – why can’t we learn to help others as well as ourselves?

Build your new home in the backyard

So why not jump on the bandwagon and write a ‘How To…’ book for instance called ‘How to live in the wilderness’ or ‘How to prosper in your backyard’ or ‘Discover the pleasure of making your own soap’, or 'How to cook a meal' or 'How to skin and eat a rat', 'How to order a cut of meat' or 'How wonderful it is to sit and do a crap in a long-drop and use a leaf for toilet paper'. ©MazReal Book Titles.

Stock up on your favorite health foods.

The MazReal offices are now stocked up with crates of tequila and Venezuelan rum should society collapse so we may feel really happy and have stuff to barter when the time comes.

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