Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mazatlán Disappears For A Couple Of Hours - Deadly Fog From North Dissolves Resort

Today April 1 the malecón disappeared for a number of hours. Hotels and bars simply dissolved in a veil of deadly fog which turned out to be a particularly strong sulphuric acid rain from the combination of water droplets and air contamination. One person was seen to climb the front steps to the Freeman and appear out the back on Calle Venustiano Carranza in a confused state. The hotel simply disappeared around him.

I saw early morning dog-walkers walk into a bank of this deadly gas and slowly dissolve into the ether. Nothing was left to show they ever existed.

Approaching me at a sedate pace, the grey brume came in from the north but luckily after hurriedly snapping some pictures I made it to higher ground and was fortunate enough to only have the soles of my boots disappear.

Here a man from the Heaven's Gate cult is waiting for his spaceship to take him away so he may hitch a ride on the Hale-Bopp comet and fly off into a world of sterility, but it was delayed due to the April 1 spaceship traffic build-up over the USA. These space buses were coming down to take their followers of other ludicrous cults up, up and away, somewhere to a better life according to these sorry people. This man soon disappeared into the deadly smaze.

The tops of these telegraph poles disappeared as the miasma slowly drifted to earth. Luckily by this time the on-shore breeze had begun to dissipate the phenomenom sparing all but the shortest people and smallest Chihuahua dogs.

Let's hope we don't lose more of our Mexican old town to another deadly vapor coming down from the North.

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