Monday, March 21, 2011

'Ol Blue Nose Has a Few things to Say....Plus Some Images Pile Up.

All day we at MazReal, now that the Mexican weather is verging on perfect, have been drinking chilled vodka and lazily swinging in our hammocks helped along by the Malay servants doing the physical bit. It is good to shut out the world every so often especially now that we are forcing our collective will on some other unfortunate Arab nation. Now that the French are involved we can feel a lot better about blowing up things and ordering French Fries, applying camembert cheese to our crackers and dabbing No.19 under the ears.

Creatively staring into space and silently philosophizing is therefore good, listening to nothing except the tinnitus and the yappy dog across the road (who one of these days by God we are going to dognap in a cardboard box and leave out by the airport) 

When one is lying in a comatose state Frank 'ol blue nose Snotra usually comes to mind. So here are some Frank quotes. He had to say these kind of inane things just to keep up his aura of cool. I bet the Rat Pack would give him a good ribbing if he came out with this lot in their presence.

Alcohol may be man's worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.

Basically, I'm for anything that gets you through the night - be it prayer, tranquilizers or a bottle of Jack Daniels.

I like intelligent women. When you go out, it shouldn't be a staring contest.

I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day.

Yes, real hats not damn baseball caps.

Frank goes oooooooo.Here he is trying to look interested while Grace Kelly shoves her big camera in his face.

At least if you are going to talk manly about booze all the time like Frank does, it should be sophisticated booze not this backwoods bourbon crap that he bangs on about. Stolichnaya, schnapps, Tom Collins, a Gibson, absinthe, armignac, Campari and Tonic, negroni. We could go on forever as this is a small example we have in our cosmopolitan cocktail bar.

Here's some pictures to look at ..........

I bet this smart-arse male ad copyrighter didn't have any women friends.

Now this is the way we like to smoke. Sophisticated yet utilitarian.

If anyone knows what the hell is going on here in this creepy image, you are free to comment. Looks like something Sarah Palin might be involved with.

"I dunno who the dang hell you are and I dont care if that is not a bible, marry us now or I'll blow you full of holes."

We all want a midmorning conference drinking water with our partner while sitting on a tractor. Yes sirrreeee.

You better keep this handy when your kids come and visit so you know what they are talking about in this modern parlance they use these days on Facebook. So if she brings 'twangie boy' into the conversation you know she's got her eye on some sexy hunk that plays sport and is probably a bit thin between the ears.

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  1. Where the hey-all do you get this stuff??! Ahhh, who cares. Just keep up the great blogs as they are the most interesting on the net in their own convoluted way.


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