Thursday, March 3, 2011

Is Your Marriage on The Skids?

We all know that happily married expats stuck way out in the tropics can sometime begin to drift apart. We all know the British Empire produced the most cases of divorce in the history of this planet. There are many reasons for this:

Lack of proper body maintenance
Excessive wind
Too many servants give you nothing to do all day
Imparting unsolicited advice 24 hours a day
Finger pointing
Looking uninteresting
Conflicts over power and gardening
Joining a drug cartel without prior discussion
avoiding his embrace
staring into space
incomplete daintiness
listening to Cliff Richard
Voting for Christine O'Donnell

Save it by:

Teaching your dog to do tricks
Dress up like a cartoon character
Compare yourself to an animal
Pretend you are a tourist.
go rock climbing
assassinate President Chavez
Jump out an airplane with one parachute
Join a religious cult

OR together go visit an exhibition of monotype prints at La LUNA bar and Grill

Rooster by Nan Robb

Our man of the moment 'Useless' Eustace Remington took the short walk down to La Luna Bar for a drink where he came upon an exhibition of monotype. Heading for the bar he was stopped dead in his tracks by some great works. A number which caught his eye especially a print of a cock by that talented, world famous artist Nan Robb. By the time he had elbowed his way through the crowds to the bar, ordered a drink, then another and five later, the picture Rooster by Nan Robb had a red dot on it. Probably the fastest selling print in any bar that he had ever been into and he's been into thousands. Sauntering debonairly around with a drink in each and his cheeks full of delicious bar snacks by that world renown chef Alastair Porteous, many other prints by equally famous artists caught his eye:

Lucila Santiago

Robynn Smith

Katherin Levin-Lau 

Marxist agitators aggressively sitting on the kerbside of Calle Niños Heroes shouting and making a nuisance of themselves.

Egressing for a breath of air and a puff on a cheroot, he spied across the road a louche collection of slovenly dodgy characters drinking home-made spirits asking for handouts for their revolutionary cause and shouting Socialist slogans and spraying graffiti calling for people to 'Recognise Cachaça' (That famous Brazilian Marxist spirit) and to vote for the Keg Party. (the party who call for bars to be open 24 hours and free drinks to all communist party card holders.) The intellectual hipster agitator in the sandals seems to want the illuminati destroyed. Which means he has a beef with that Bavarian secret society founded in 1776, the Freemasons, the Ordi Tempii Orientis and the Gøtterdåmmerung Society. Easy you lefty we think that is taking it a bit too damn far!

Giving them a wide berth Eustice hastened back into the safety of the packed bar where, as can be seen, the four barkeeps are having difficulty fulfilling the orders of the multitudes.

Rafael Avila Tirado

Another great piece by Rafael Avila Tirado. 'Useless' had to view this striking print from afar as it seemed to be guarded by another two characters, one a hoody and the other giving this famous journalist the 'eye'.

The news of this exhibition has gone far and wide as even a sailor had found her way here from the US navy starship USS BlackStarInterprize doing maneuvers above Stone Island.

The organizers and curators of this exhibition have done a fine job and lets hope that they all sell their works. Mazatlán is lucky to have an establishment that hangs interesting art. 

Eustice, you fool, where you just been is not a drinking establishment it is an art gallery!!! You are hereby sacked! - Editor. 


  1. HA HA HA HA


  2. The captcha word was "unfuct"

    Knock knock anybody there?

  3. We'll organize, write letters, march outside the editor's office until you are re-instated. Silly boy..does he not know what a diamond in the rough he has in you, or is that a rough diamond.

  4. This is one of the best posts I've read about the goings on in Mazatlan. Ha!

  5. So sorry I missed the opening, but I was accidentally deported for soliciting on the Malecon. Could this be why my print was not featured in this review?

  6. Just hilarious...still laughing. Love it!~

  7. love it, thanks, mary


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