Saturday, June 16, 2012

Banda Juvenil de Jazz del Centro Municipal de Artes

The snappy title for a vibrant band of jazz and big band music students that we have been hanging around with lately sitting in on their lessons, taking pictures and recording and just having a great time. Here the guys play a classic Santana song called Soul Sacrifice that was made famous at Woodstock in which the band played a 12 minute set. Carlos Santana was reputedly peaking on Mescaline and the drummer Michael Shrieve being the youngest musician at the festival.

Here the band directed by Carlos Betanzos Martínez do a great version and Gabriel the 8 year old percussionist really shines on the drums. My recording meter in that small room was going way off the chart but it really got an audience outside the windows on that steamy Friday evening tapping their collective feet.

Banda Juvenil de Jazz del Centro Municipal de Artes Mazatlán Mexico from Matt Mawson on Vimeo.

Check it Hi Def Here

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