Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mexican Politics, TV and Dirty Tricks Reveiled

Mexico's biggest television network sold prominent politicians favourable coverage in its flagship news and entertainment shows and used the same programmes to smear a popular leftwing leader, documents seen by the Guardian appear to show.

Enrique Penne Pasta Nieto or 'Naughty" Nieto as he is often called, seems to be indicating that he either has a heart burn or it really wasn't him doing whatever he was caught doing - buying time on less than honest TV company primetime to smear rivals when in fact it was his smug looking sidekicks and arselickers who should take the blame. "Not me." he is saying tapping his chest,  " I am not called Honest Enrique for being dishonest. In fact I am called 'Naughty' because I am like a cheeky schoolboy who wears kiddies green stuff and has a parrot symbol and kisses lots of people while smiling on the side of all buses in Mexico. And I must reiterate this, my ideologically nebulous Institutional Revolutionary party is not ideologically nebulous and you must never loose sight of the fact that TV is a business and they will take money to do anything you want. Even retake Las Islas Malvinas for that dodgy Presidenta de Kirchner of Argentinalandia or whatever that screwed up country is called that eat too much meat for their own good." He went on to say indignantly '"What me? Me the well dressed man in sharp suits, my immobile hairdo, and my telenovela actor wife, as well as my inability to name three books that had influenced my life and I haven't a clue what is the price of tortillas or the minimum wage and I am, I tell you just a little more than a TV product." He turned to his chunky, bearded left hand man who was kissing his polished and tasseled loafers at the time and asked if that all made sense. "From down here it does your grace." said the grovelling boot-licker.

Editor comment: This makes bugger all sense to me.

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