Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Quick Restaurant Review - El Presidio

If you want a fantastic meal of Mexican cuisine or just fine eating at a great price in Mazatlán this is the only place to go. El Presidio Restaurant and it's Chef Diego is on Niños Heroes in Centro. That street with Wing's Army and its deep fried frozen food and the expensive pizza joint La Mona also owned by Rodrigo who owns this place ( I was recently in New York and had a fantastic pizza there at half the price of La Mona's).

Now that El Presidio is up and running you can just walk straight passed all the other restaurants in town (maybe you will think twice when passing Molika where I would still choose if I wanted simply great tasting European food from its fantastic chef who took care of things at The Four Seasons in fancy London) without giving them a second glance and head up the road to this one. 

There is no sign out the door except just inside a nice guy with a menu and a secret agent radio earpiece and if you haven't booked in advance he will probably speak into his microphone, nod his head and send you on your way with a polite "Sorry. We're full up."

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I have eaten at a number of restaurants around the globe and I can safely say this is up there on quality and innovation and most of all taste. Presentation is perfect and they serve the correct amount on your plate. I know many North Americans like their plates piled to the ceiling, so if you are one of them, don't come here.

The wine list is the longest in town and my favourite Chilean white wine is there - Errazuriz Sauvignon Blanc.

Chipotle Chicken on a bed of asparagus and a circle of finely sliced potatoes Anna baked in butter or fried. What the hell they were tasty however they were prepared.

Sea Bass on a bed of the most delicious rice and sprinkled with deep fried parsley, I think it was, or seaweed. This one you got to get there early or it disappears.

As you can see the decor is enough of an excuse to just stick your head in take a look.

 We don't know what happens up there but it looks intriguing.

We paid for our meal even though everyone knew I was a world renowned food taster.

©2012 Jacques de Lors Tati Beuf (freelance food writer for MazReal)

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  1. So incredible the food!! I have never been disappointed by it nor have my friends and I have always acclaimed it to be my favorite place, HOWEVER; the Pigeons overhead are a serious problem!!!! No one likes Bird poop on their Head, Clothes or Food!!! Which has happened twice in the last month and on several other occasions prior to this. Presidio please put umbrellas at every table!!! Many people are refusing to go back until something is done :(


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