Saturday, November 9, 2013

Food - Kid Restaurant Outside Tepic Nayarit

Round about here on the Tepic to Guadalajara libre 15, 15 Kms passed the 15D highway cuota and turn off to La Laguna de Santa Maria is a restaurant that serves barbecued kid (kid of goat) and other meats. I forgot the name of it or maybe it does not have a name but you cannot miss it if you are heading south to Guadalajara from Tepic. There will always be trucks and cars parked up outside.

It is even worth taking the 3 - 4 hours trip from Mazatlán to go check it out and if you do not mind the sight of skewered baby goat and lamb cooking around a large log fire in the entrance and a few chickens and crowing roosters wandering around the interior, we highly recommend it.

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On the way to the MazReal staff's annual pilgrimage to stay at a fancy lodge on La Laguna de Santa Maria we always swing by this place and get stuck into what's on offer.

The tortillas are obviously made on the premises and the salsa accompaniments to your meaty dish are second to none. The goat kid is reassuringly fresh as it can be seen gambolling playfully in an enclosure just outside the kitchen door.

So with bellies full of beer and grease on our chins we drive back to the tranquil setting of the Santa Maria lakeside lodge and take a siesta. An essential pastime to help digest the food and get ready for the next course which is later in the evening; a fresh cerviche and a bottle of chilled Chilean wine in the Tau resort restaurant. One thing that is perfect for ending the day. And a drunken moonlight swim in the bottomless lake to round it off*.

(*Be sure to wear a handy life vest when swimming pissed or you may sink like a stone)

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