Saturday, November 9, 2013

Zimbabwe A Brief Photographic Tour

English weather is always bloody awful so to get away MazReal staff and servants took ourselves off to Zimbabwe Central Africa to escape from the damp and chill for a few weeks. We were to indulge ourselves in a first class tented safari but we got arrested not long after entry and consequently had to lie low after our interrogation and release. Here are some images we bought back as we hastily headed back south to the border and the relative safety of South Africa. As you may see, many of them are taken through the windows of a fast moving car.

The Zimbabwean government decided a while back to embrace the US Dollar as it's own one hundred billion dollar* Zimbabwean note was running out of space to daily add the extra noughts due to the country's rampant inflation. They do not have the foreign currency to send back to the US its $s for recycling so their own are becoming a tad grubby, floppy and well-used. Hence the picture of a worn out buck.

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* It actually got to 100 Trillion dollars

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