Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas

One way to tolerate Christmas

 Enough said…….

more great ideas after the jump……..

Watch out….Junior engineers at work..

Mmmm…... napkins, plates, cooler and lots of sugar. Just the right age to get them hooked on the sweet stuff.

This plastic crap will last about an hour.

You can see where this is heading………...


Dunno, looks a bit like sliced plank.

Who the hell is this guy??

A serviceman who's been surrounded by men for three years? Now what would he want for Christmas?

What every banker wants.

Oh boy. A toaster.

What every bald teenager wants. Just the job to really rub in the fact she has no hair

Lucky Dad

No wonder the man's so fat.

They'll be lucky. They're all made in China now aren't they.

What every kid nowadays doesn't want. Too much thinking and dexterity involved.

A cigar for the man in your life accompanied by a couple of strong-arm goons.

Kids want pot for Christmas

This attractive bronze colored lazy susan holds 26 fruitcake MINIATURES — just the right size for serving, no messy cutting, crumbs, waste. Ready to eat — like candy — all fruit and nuts. Package also contains a container of tempting rum spread sauce that is served hot or cold ‘buttered’ on the fruitcake. Perfect gift. Assortment of LIGHT and DARK fruitcakes. $6.95 ea. ppd

Isn't it nice, Boris Karloff gets a fluffy toy from Ginger Rogers

If you feel your wife's mind needs activating after you get home from boozing with the boys, why not get her an electrified girdle.

A false tache and a cigar

Just the job for those drugged up bored kids. Jut put this in front of them and you can get on with your life.

Joan Crawford and lots of leg comes down the chimney to scare the pants off wide-awake kids and shoot those not in bed.

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