Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gangsta Norteño - Five Mexican Artists who specialize in joyful praise to drugs and violence

Hey Mr. Emerson take note of this group of people who act in their best interests. Making the world a better place!

Tubas and cocaine. This is the violent world of the narcocorridos, songs about and for Mexico's drug lords. Many musicians have identified with outlaws (see Johnny Cash and Biggie Smalls) but the songs belted out by these constantes de narcocorridas are often commissioned by cartel chiefs themselves. Here are some of los mas famosos.

El Movimiento Alterado:

This supergroup belts out accordion-backed music dedicated to a cartel chief. Chanting 'We like to kill.'

Typical Lyrics:

"With an AK and a Bazooka taking aim/blowing off the heads/ of anyone who gets in the way."

Los Tucanes de Tijuana:

So mainstream they wrote for the Ministry of Tourism and so mob friendly there're banned in their namesake city.

Typical Lyrics:

With an R-15 in hand/and a satchel of grenades/a pistol on each leg/and a bullett proof vest/dressed in black/ ready for battle.

Mario "El Cachorro" Delgado:

His videos satirise cartel violence.

Chuy Quintanilla:

This ex-police commander celebrates the thugs he once chased.

"You can hear the machine guns/but the violence now isn't so bad/Everything is under control/Be careful/now that Tony Tormenta is in charge."

Sergio "El Chaka" Vega

He was assassinated in his red Cadillac. One of eight singers since 2007.

Warriors, smugglers/revolutionaries too/two famous gunslingers/tell of their fight/and many elegant women came to watch."

Check out their hokey paeans to criminal mayhem on these cheap You-Tube videos.

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