Thursday, February 3, 2011

MazReal Famed Writer Returns to The Offices Of MazReal Mazatlán

Ace reporter Eustace "Useless" Post Toasties Cornflake Remington returns back to the fold after his disappearance in the Phillipines with his manservant Weng. Senor Remington is photographed being greeted by his three wives he left behind in Mazatlán. 

"Useless" the famed art critic and provocateur will be uploading dispatches on the local art scene, food and drink, bringing you useless information and of course the goings on of the expatriate population in this fine city. There seems to have been many changes since his enforced disappearance  - new art galleries, new artists, skullduggery and back stabbings (literally and metaphorically). Eustace is prone to telling 'porky pies' or blatant lies more often than not but that will not deter him from his mission to bring the news to you.

Chocks away Eustace!

(The views of Eustace Post Toasties Cornflake Remington are in no way those of MazReal who take no responsibility in the hurt or mayhem they may cause.)

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