Friday, May 27, 2011

Arturo de la Vega Osuna Knows Extraterrestrials Exist. He's Seen Them. He Also Paints Them.

Arturo de la Vega Osuna is an artist born in El Quelite and living in Mazatlán, he also has a great name and he has seen extraterrestrials and he paints them. He also paints Mexican ancient culture as he sees it. Put all these together and you have a colourful artist with an imagination that knows no bounds. Although he has no formal education in fine art he hasn't  learned much painting technique but he makes up for it with imaginative use of colour and downright strange and interesting subject matter. He is also a damn good artist and only paints at night when he brings out his paints after closing the front door of his simple cafe/studio up Benito Juarez. He stacks the tables and chairs in a corner and uses the space.

Arturo's painting space and gallery up the top of Benito Juarez near where the bus stops.

Arturo de la Vega Osuna

A early piece with spaceships and mummies floating skywards. Reflected in the mirror a later work with ideas of birth and d.n.a. and a passage up a pyramid.

"I know they exist. I seen them. That's where I saw them the other night. Up in that tree making a lot of noise shaking the tree."

"What did you see up there?"

"Extraterrestrials of course."

Detail of a pre-columbian ruler holding in one hand a sickle and the other a weapon and a yellow-eyed serpent giving him the eye

Serpents and extraterrestrials and mexica rulers.

Detail of an extraterrestrial with the serpent on his chest 

His later works taking on ideas of a fusion of pre-columbian imagery and the Christian cross. The serpent is ubiquitous now.

One of his earlier more graphic works from 2001 depicting spaceships and aliens.

His granddaughter Anna who he takes care of. She's a damn good painter as well.


  1. find the most amazing things, and they aren't even under rocks! Love his imagination (or maybe it isn't) and his use of color.


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