Sunday, May 1, 2011

Moto Week Last Day Parade Film from Famous Frenchman - Jean-Louise-Chretien LaBranche

Count Jim Moriarty, MazReal sub-editor here.......

Yesterday as we were aware was the day the hairy bikers, the smooth bikers, the weird bikers and the one and only woman biker on their big bikes rode by showing off their machines, hats, scary masks and  comely accessory pillion passengers. The men with big guts on their Harley type bikes and the younger sleeker chaps on their Japanese high octane toys and the 3 year olds on their tiny machines and one guy from the monster club in his coffins - on - wheels.

Isn't it great that we have come to this delightful day when these road cowboys are so tame that we all turn up and cheer, jeer, shout and point fingers as thousands of them make as much noise as they can on the road without fear of them stopping in hordes like the uncouth Visigoth barbarians they are and beating us to a pulp just for casting a glance in their direction or even for standing around minding our own businesses. These nice greasy chaps I  would even allow to babysit my friends stunningly beautiful 17 year old quintuplets, chihuahua called Pinky and cellar full of chilled beer and cases of Jack Daniels while I and he go on a six month vacation.

We sent our SunMoonDance Arty Film Festival twenty times award winning Prix de Filmy film maker  Jean-Louis-Chretien 'Frenchy' LaBranche out there to record the day and try not to get himself run over in his endeavours to bring you as close to the action as humanly possible even going as far as to lie on the road and stick his lens up their greasy trouser legs or slim sleek Latina leg if they are a female pillion as they passed within an exhaust pipe distance from his thick head. 

'Apportez-moi un garçon de la bière! 'As they say in French. 

Hang on Frenchy don't concentrate your lens toooo much on the lovely ladies as you French types are more than prone to do ha ha ha ha.

Here's some screen grabs from the video:


  1. looks like a nasty corner to try to negotiate while in a crowd of slow moving bikes. I will have to remember that when I bring my bike to Moto Week.

  2. It is front of the blue Colegio de Pacifico where I usually watch near my house, as they all have to slow a bit for the turn. Gives you a good look-see at the various bikes and riders.


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