Saturday, May 28, 2011

Don't You Dare Go Anywhere!

It's Saturday and we've got nothing better to do at the MazReal offices than drink beer and vodka and warn you not to you let your guard down even for one second.......

..........or they will  Mess with your head!!!!!!!!!!. 

 (We want you to know that your retired life in Mazatlán is not without it's hazards. You cannot swing on your hammock all day long smiling at your inner peace thinking you got it made.)

Look into my eyes.................................

SPOEK MATHAMBO - CONTROL from spoek mathambo on Vimeo.

Ahhhhh!!!. A Joy Division song

Men will do it with an enormous great  shimmering diamond.
Those guys in blue  at the bottom of your garden will git ya

and weird old ladies hovering in the forest.....

even when you are out driving

...or as a tourist in London

Don't whatever you do go to the military hospital. Next thing you know you will be in uniform and shooting people.

The dentists are at it as well. Messing with your mind.

Don't put on your crash helmet.. There'll be some guy inside ready to take you away

You cannot even trust your fucking welding machine these days.

 Aliens don't have to come in BIG spaceships. They'll be here to mesmerise your kids.

Christ only knows what this is?????

or this..

You blow the whistle on them and they'll be there to stab you in the back

The opticians are at it.....screwing with your eyeballs

Taking a dip in the river is dangerous. Some guy will always come down from the sky and get ya.


We're out of here. Ta Ta.

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