Monday, August 22, 2011

At The IMSS Office

The annual pilgrimage to the IMSS offices to pay for your health care.

Could this image portray confusion or attentivness?

In our case, we both speak fluent Spanish as we were brought up by wolves in the forests of Spain and we naturally draw a crowd as a result this image is one of 3 helpful ladies hurrying our application along probably to get us out the door.

But we still had to make 500 photocopies, hand over 200 photographs, get stamped maybe 1000 times ( I lost count count at that number), rush off to the bank, HSBC this time (Banamex was last year), another 230 photocopies from the bank stamped pages, sprint back to the IMSS where they take lots of pages and give even more back till we have who knows how many reams that we must drag back next year.

But it works and we are fortunate enough to be covered for more than we were last year and next year we will covered for everything. How great is that. All for 1200 pesos a year going upwards the older one gets obviously.

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