Monday, August 29, 2011

Centro Floods!!!! For A While. Wild Animals Swim By.

Friday night's rain storm flooded centro for a while and then the water went back down as it generally does. However a bolt of lightning struck or struck near this author's cable supply that is stuck half way up a post on the street (really shoddy job, wires everywhere etc. etc. more on that later) and a surge traveled at speed through the wires and knocked out all the devices one needs to communicate with the world. Modems and routers smoking and useless up till now when we have just been reconnected. The poor man from Megacable, looking knackered has been up since Saturday fixing things up poles.

The flood also brought out the centro raccoon population which were to be seen swimming right passed the doorway (below). They swam by took a look inside with a view to entering but seeing the author standing there in his sarong they proceeded onwards till they disappeared inside an empty house (above) where I am sure there are plenty of dirty pigeons they can eat.. A swimming Iguana entered the same building. Cats also reside in that space. So no doubt it seems Friday night there was a wild animal convocation going on therein probably to discuss the rising waters.

As one can see the waters inexorably rising into author's house.


  1. Whoever invented tile should be canonize and second in line for a fur lined robe, the inventor of the old fashioned string mop!

  2. All I can say is WOW. I thought it was pretty wacky on our street but in comparison I now see the party was at your side of Centro. We just had a ton of water rushing by and teenagers laughing and hollering in the pounding rain. The only animals I saw were our two dogs taking advantage of the thunder and lightning to sneak on the bed.


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