Monday, August 29, 2011

Mysterious Wood Circles Appear On Olas Altas

Now what is going on here? It seems the beach at Olas Altas woke up to piles of wood on Saturday morning and what seems to be 'crop circle alien' designs. As we all know crop circles are intricate designs, sometimes mathematical in their conception, that appear in fields of wheat most especially in the UK.

The perpetrators flying above Mazatlán in their saucers obviously saw the potential of tinkering around with the wood that mysteriously appeared there. (probably thrown away by some 'fly-by-night' fly tipper as you often see on the side of roads piles of rubbish that the lazy owners couldn't be arsed to take to the municipal tips. However that is another story)

below : mysterious wood circles

'bed of wood'

 'house of wood'

Aren't we lucky that these mysterious artists have touched our city with their creativity.

© Ray Arcel alien art correspondent reporting for MazReal

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