Sunday, August 12, 2012

Expats Come In All Shapes And Sizes.........

The IS the end you know. MazReal and all its journalists and hangers-onners and slaves and stevedores and rent boys and female sharp-shooters and chauffeurs and gay body builders are de-camping and heading back to Europe to earn some real money. Not plastic stuff like you get get in hot humid countries but real wonga made out of rags like you get in temperate climates.

Our shiny, slippery plastic stuff has run out and we have to get off our asses and do something called 'work'. The word that strikes fear into the minds of most people and the end product of which is dosh, loot, spondulics, green stuff, filthy lucre which the government takes away in tax that goes to support our wonderful health service and education so everyone may have access to medicine and learning.

Some people call it Socialism and that is another word that strikes fear into the minds of most people living north of this Mexican border whereas the rest of the world see it as a nice word. A word that is designed to help other less fortunate people, people who people again north of the border would term lazy people desirous of hand-outs so they don't have to get off their collective asses to work. Anyway I cannot imagine any of those naughty Tea Party-type people with those naughty extreme and selfish thinking minds living here in Mazatlán south of the north border.

Tijuana is the border crossing of yore that many expats would have crossed but not before taking advantage of all that that fine city has to offer before passing into conservative Protestant America.

I have always been wary of living amongst expat communities as I was raised and spent much of my early life in one as a result we tended to avoid the community or at least take time sounding out people whose views and ideas are compatible. So the longer we have been here the more we have ventured out and seen what a great bunch of people live here. There are individuals we avoid like the plague by hiding our faces, wearing false beards, ducking into doorways and sprinting to other side of the street to get away from but they are far and few between and generally only appear with the cool weather.

These are the stories of twelve of the varied and colourful members of expat community we have residing in this fine city of Mazatlán. You may have even seen them or partied with them or drank with them.

Here's one of them - The short-arsed, hairy bearded lady originally from Benson Arizona. George Jenson is her name. She is always hanging out on street corners nonchalantly leaning on things and just banging on about this and that and throwing vicious accusations around most of it selfishly untrue and thoughtlessly made up. Luckily she is only seen here in winter months otherwise I would have hounded her out of town to live a life of sleaze below decks on a shrimp boat . After a few months at sea she would look like Charlize Theron to a grubby shrimp sailor.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Art - Mexican Artist's View Of Disney Land

Disasterland is Mexican artist Rodolfo Loaiza‘s ode to pop culture, cosmetic surgery, drug use, and obsession with celebrity reflected back at us via some of The Walt Disney Company’s most valuable trademarks.


Hugh Cornwell from the Stranglers sings his song - Golden Brown - a song about heroin (he said so himself) with a Mariachi Band. So it seems this is  Mariachi narcocorrida

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mazatlán Photography

Following on from the last blog, in this here book are my favourite images from the completed photographic projected commission by Landor San Francisco for the Nextel Corporation Latin America. The project encompassed photography in Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Peru. These images will be used on all the advertising and marketing for the communications company over the whole of Latin America. So in the next 6 months some of the Mazatlán imagery seen in this book and the rest in their library may be seen on billboards and bus shelters and the web.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mazatlán Photo Fest

The fresh face of Helarte Ice cream and Mazatlán
MazReal is fortunate to have on it's books a number of very famous documentary photographers who contribute to some of the world's most important picture libraries and work freelance with some of the world's largest corporate clients. (One or two them can be seen drunk to the right of the screen on our staff photo) Here we allowed one of them to work with Latin America's largest telecommunication company through an ad agency in San Francisco. Obviously we took a great percentage of the photographers fee which only goes to pay for our vodka and blinis and chauffeurs and dog-walkers and bum boys straight off the container boats fresh from the Philippines.


So here you see a good example of the creative talent we have in this fine city and I am not only talking about our expensive photographer. Here are actors, chefs, artists, entrepreneurs, mothers, sports persons, farmers, shopkeepers, surfers, musicians and other fine upstanding citizens.

Thanks to everyone who was part of this.

Photo Fest #2 will out soon.

Hector of Molika - Chef

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Editor's note: The writer added a piece about inducing people to be part of this with huge accounts of cash. That was untrue and we have sacked the writer for adding unnecessary colour to the article and kept the money for ourselves.

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