Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Badly Dressed Tourists Rant.

Monthly Rant..............

Following on from last post commenting on how tidy and smart most Indians are when promenading or even travelling as tourists here's a few examples of how badly us Americans or Europeans (Italians the exception) dress when wandering around the streets of a foreign country. Latins like Indians are generally smart when strolling the streets of a mediterranean sunlit resort.

What is it about us that we have to dress sloppily like we are lounging around our sitting room watching television with our bellies hanging out stuffing snacks into our gaping mouths. 

I know they are Latin tourists because they are family.

Germans. Now these guys should be taken aside and given a good talking to.

English. Not only is man shirtless but he has an old man's greasy ponytail which is the crowning glory in ultra bad styling sense.

WE like tattoos though if they are stylish in fact I'm off to get one or two soon.

Now this man knew how to cut a dash..........

Cary Grant knew how to dress casual even when he was having breakfast in the South of France or even while he was chased by an aeroplane in the country. Still wearing a pressed classic white shirt and thin dark tie with a charcoal suit dashing through the maize fields and diving in the dirt. 

This is the way to go when you go out to dinner in the plazuela or local restaurant. Charles (never to be King) looks like a smug prat sitting in his fancy gold chair but I bet your average tourist would cut quite a dash with this outfit down at Pedro's and Lola's.

The wearer of this get-up could even at the end of an evening jump on a table shout some slogans and looking like some cheap-skate banana republic wanna-be dictator with those medals and gold and sword and epaulettes, he'll have a revolution in no time. (lucky the UK citizens love their monarchy so much or he'll be up against a wall very quickly dressed like that in any other sensible country)


  1. Hilarious and so true! We always laugh about how big their hats are and how fast they walk without meeting your eye. And when one of those bare belly dudes walk by me I will not look at him, bleah. But I draw the line at anyone dressing like Prince Charles.

  2. I look at them, with a slightly raised upper lip
    a la Elvis. It is called the "big bellied tourist without a shirt appraisal sneer." I wonder if my lip will stay like that if I do it too much?


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