Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Pulque Renaissance

Pulque the ancient drink is making a comeback in Mexico D.F. apparently.

"I heard it tasted like warm spit. But that is a lie.
This is delicious. There is nothing to be afraid of."
A dude drinking the ancient Aztec alcoholic beverage pulque for the first time, at a pulqueria in Mexico City.

On the reverse of this great old postcard someone wrote:

 "Pulque is the national drink of Mexico. This plant requires from six to ten years to mature in its native soil. In flowering times this plant is full of sap, which gathers quickly and is removed two or three times a day. This drink is best immediately after fermentation and tastes a good deal like stale buttermilk diluted with stagnant water - a thin, starchy, evil smelling liquor. Few of the better grade of Mexicans drink pulque. It is the beverage of the poor."

The Washington Post has this to say:


The back of this postcard reads:

Pulque Maker
This man is a tlachiquero - he drains the juice from the maguey cactus with that big gourd and takes it to the pulque factory to make the alcoholic beverage still enjoyed in Mexico today 

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