Monday, June 6, 2011

The D-6 From Agua Verde to El Walamo

Route D-6 connects El Rosario to Villa Union in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. It passes SW through the small town of Agua Verde, through a salt marsh when it hits the coast and turns abruptly NW for 52 or so dead straight kms then abruptly NE and onto El Walamo and Villa Union. The coastal road passes through coconut plantation and chilli farms and the the sparse traffic is composed of trucks full of chillies and trucks full of itinerant chilli pickers many of whom live in squat shacks outside El Rosario. 

This road holds a fascination for me in a non-auditory contemplative way where occurrences happen in slow motion through the super-heated atmosphere. Maybe because the road is so straight that when a car or bicycle comes wobbling into distant view through the perspective of coconut trees, they take what seems forever to grow normal size then they pass by in a blur, their noise muffled for a few seconds in the heat then silently they continue in slow motion disappearing into a hot tar  haze the other side. The palms leaves move in the breeze without sound and the only auditory events are distant surf overlaid with bird trills and dry insect noises fills the empty space. It's a pleasant contemplative atmosphere where you can happily submit yourself to its quietude.

Warning: We take no responsibility if people take themselves out there and fail to attain the same internal feelings as the authors. The self conscious is highly subjective.

We also advise people to watch in full screen Hi Def and full volume. 

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