Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Old Mexican Postcards

Some more great postcards sent from Mexico to the USA from lucky travellers who came down at the turn of the century. What a time to have travelled round this country. Some cards are/were displayed in the Oaxaca post office.

Women Oaxaca Mexico 

A photo of an old photo displayed in the post office in Oaxaca Mexico. These trajes regionales don't look much like what you see today. My guess is that these models are wearing clothing from Oaxaca's Mixteca region - maybe Huajuapan. These photos were supposed to represent las siete regiones (the 7 regions) of the state of Oaxaca, one of which is the Mixteca. 

This old undated postcard in titled "Totonacos, Veracruz Mexico."
However the woman is not wearing a Totonac costume. She's dressed in the typical traje of San Pablito Puebla, an Otomi community famous for its amate paper and beadwork. tt's harder to place the man's costume of white pants and shirt, as that traje was worn all over the Sierra Madre Oriental by men of various ethnic groups - Totonac, Tepehua, Nahua, Otomi, and Huastec 

Oaxaca Woman Mexico
Another in a series of old photos displayed in the Oaxaca Mexico post office. This model wears a white huipil, long white skirt, and a white rebozo covering her head and shoulders. This combination of white garments is worn today in several Zapotec communities in the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca, among them - Yaganiza and Betaaza. It looks like this woman has wrapped a dark or black rebozo around her waist as a sash. Today, women in the Sierra Norte wear sashes that are a dark rose color and are sometimes woven from silk. 

Otomi Indian Mother Postcard 
This postcard was mailed from Mexico to the US in 1947. The foto was taken by well known Mexican photographer Luis Marquez and is titled "Madre Indigena. Otomi Indian Mother."

Typical Mexican Home and Family 

That's the title given to this old hand tinted postcard photo. There's no indication of where this family is in Mexico, but many of the photos similar to this one were shot in northern Mexico in Tamualipas and Veracruz, as this on a major early driving route into Mexico from Texas. This card was mailed in 1922.

A beautiful woman lounging around some cactus near Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. The baskets are the kind sold around the Toluca area west of Mexico City 

Some lucky travellers heading south from around 1920

Carrying milk back then and now (El Quelite). The receptacles may have changed but not the rest

Here's a postcard sent from Mexico on Christmas Eve  1901.

"I am sitting at my desk looking over a summer land."

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